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Whats the best lighting to have installed for a home-based design studio?

We are moving to a new home and I am intending to run a graphic design studio from one of the bedrooms. Lighting is very important to my business. I need to find an electrician who will install some sort of strip lighting - it needs to be natural, bright, yet in can't have an adverse effect on the colours I am using on my monitor when designing brochures etc. I hope this makes sense and I hope someone can help? Many thanks! :)

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Most of the big electrical suppliers offer a free lighting design service. So if you tell you electrician what you need he'll be able to supply you with the plan.



Answered 18th Sep 2011

Hi , something with a cat 2 louvre would probably suit your needs best. Sort of lights used in commercial / office properties.




Answered 21st Sep 2011

There are a lot of differnt lights available, 240v, low voltage, led etc. all have pro's and cons.
For a design studio, I would suggest something modern and stylish

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Answered 25th Sep 2011

High frequency 18 watt fluorescent fittings with white light tubes


Answered 27th Sep 2011

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