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How can i improve the currently poor hot water pressure in the house?

Cold water pressure is fine, and I have a worcester combi boiler, approx 10 years old.

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hi unfortunatly you can't improve the water pressure the hot water flow rate on old worcester's is not great and the boiler could be undersized for your property. replacement is the only way to guarantee a better flow.

Answered 2nd Mar 2011


Member since 28 Jun 2008

Hi there,you could try getting any filters checked first as they could be partially blocked.....Brian

Answered 2nd Mar 2011

E&M Plumbing & Heating

Member since 26 Feb 2009


This could be simply boiler. The pressure out is only as good as that delivered to your home by your utilities provider. Also the size of pipe work used can impact.

Answered 2nd Mar 2011

Tranquility Bathroom & Kitchen

Member since 10 Nov 2010

New boilers are supposed to be sized correctly so they are working at there most efficient. oversizing a boiler will mean gas bills will be alot higher as the boiler will hardly be working in condense mode. the bigger the combi the higher the flow rate so combis are always oversized. it depends what your budget is like and the space you have. you can change the system all together and put in an unvented cylinder as these provide good hot water flow when designed correctly but will burn a big hole in your pocket. or have a really inefficient oversized combi boiler with sky high gas bills.

Answered 13th Mar 2011

RBC Plumbing & Heating LTD

Member since 25 Jun 2008

i would most certainly replace your boiler with a new one but make sure its more than capable, its better to get a boiler with slightly more capacity so that its not constantly chasing its self and can do the job with ease. hope this is of help to you

Answered 3rd Mar 2011


Member since 15 Feb 2011

Theres a filter on the inlet of the cold mains in to the boiler try removing it. It may increase the flo wof hot water to your hot tap but will also reduce the temperature. Have the gas rate checked as well as it may be undr gassed to cope with demand.

Answered 5th Mar 2011

Jeff Stockdale Plumbing and Heating

Member since 28 Nov 2010

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