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What to build a second floor on my single extension

i have a single extension and would like to build a second floor plus go in to the roof. it will be a granny flat /house .the extension was built 7 years ago and it got a tiled roof,what do i need to do first.

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appoint a architectural technician or Architect (depends on your budget) to prepare plans and apply for planning permission ( get a price for this.This will 0vary a lot from £1000 to £3000) Plus council fees. With planning consent then apply for building regulation approval find a good builder and get a fixed price for job (subject to provisonal sums for unforseen items etc) also your architect schould be able to give a price for
His own work.

Get a final costing before starting and allow in your financing a buffer value of say 5%-10% for difficult alteration work or items that could not have been forseen.


Answered 15th Jun 2019

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