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Leak coming from the wall of the extended kitchen

How can I cover the leak from the outside? It rained today and I could see that the leak comes between the wall of the house and the extended kitchen. Can I cover it with cement or any reliable option available? At the moment I could see that the previous occupier just covered it with something metal. Please advise. Thanks

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Hi this is a tricky one to solve without seeing the problem in person.
As a temporary solution to what sounds like a vertical DPC issue, would be a good quality weatherproof sealant. CT1 is a very good sealant which can be used on most materials and comes in a huge range of colours.


Answered 29th Jan 2017

I think you would have to establish first whether this leak is related to water services I.E pipes in the vicinity or roof related, is this a permanent leak or does it get worse with weather(rain) Difficult without seeing it.


Answered 25th Jan 2019

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