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Can I use normal screws to fix my plug sockets on the wall as I have lost my electrical screws. Why use electrical screws on sockets.

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Using ordinary woodscrews is a bodge job as the metal back boxes have tapped thread to accept a 3.5mm machined thread screw. As woodscrews taper over their length, the internal threads of the back box's tiny lugs will be ruined and there is a risk that as the screws are tightened up that the lugs on the box will shear off completely! In summary definitely not recommended. Best bet would be to spend 20p and get two replacement 3.5mm threaded screws.


Answered 26th Aug 2015

Hello Dave
No by using normal screws you will damage the back boxes if you go to any DIY store you purchase them you need 3.5mm screws.

Kelvin Partridge
Iconnect Electrical Solutions


Answered 26th Aug 2015

I'm an electrician and I get a good fixing on normal 1 1/2 inch 8s, or 2 inch 10s depending on the type of wall. So long as you have a tight fix.


Answered 26th Aug 2015

As they are 3.5mm threaded they come in different lengths too. Don't really know what you mean by ordinary screws. There are wood screws drywall screws etc etc. they are called electrical screws as that's the purpose they were designed for!


Answered 26th Aug 2015

This all depends on what you mean by fixing you plug sockets to the wall.
If you mean fixing the back box on the wall then yes, but if you mean fixing the front to the back box definitely NOT.
Go to B&Q or screwfix and buy the correct 3.5mm machine screws, they are with the electrical accessories.


Answered 29th Aug 2018

If you are asking if you can fix the back box to the wall with normal screws then yes that’s absolutely fine, I personally use 1 &1/2 x 8 screws for these types of fixings. If however you are attempting to screw the face plate back then you would need 3.5mm screws which you can purchase from most wholesalers/merchants. Hope this helps. Good luck


Answered 31st Oct 2018

I personally would not use wood screws for the face plate, the correct screws too use are 3.5 threaded socket screws which cost maybe a pound from your local wholesalers or hardware store. Wood screws are ok for mounting the back box only.


Answered 6th Nov 2018

Always use 3.5mm available cheap enough from your local screwfix


Answered 18th Dec 2018

I would not recommend using normal screws but use screws what come with the socket front if they are not long enough a local DIY shop will sell longer screws


Answered 10th Jan 2019

You just need to buy 3.5mm electrical screws to any Screwfix or B&Q or similar... Don't use any other screws if you don't want damage the box in the wall!


Answered 13th Feb 2019

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