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Mid terrace side extension and contact with rear extension


Trying to establish my pd rights. I know these have been extended until 2019 with a rear extension now up to 6m for a terraced house. Our existing house is l shaped at the rear. It is a traditional terrace but as you head out of the dining room you have a bathroom in what would have been the original kitchen. To the rear of this we have a single storey kitchen extension completed by the previous owner bulbs not full width. I want to infill the side return that is 8.5 metres long. I understand I can only go to a maximum of 6 M from the rear of the dining room but have read that there is a technicality that would come into play when this side return is joined to the existing rear extension. Does this mean I can only extend the c.4 M to the end of the bathroom which is effectively to the rear elevation of the original house?? Any help appreciated


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Take a look at the technical guidance in the link below. This may help explain your query. Permitted development can sometimes be a tricky one. Even if your extension ticks all the boxes for permitted development, I always recommend my clients apply for a Certificate of Lawful development which currently cost £86. This will ensure there is no doubt, especially if you decide to sell and a solicitor picks up that there is no planning permission in place for such an extension.

Hope this helps.



Answered 30th Aug 2015

To qualify for the new PD rights for a larger than normal extension (ie 6m projection for semi/terraced or 8m for detached) you cannot do this via a certificate of lawfulness, its different application specifically for this type of development and is FREE of charge.

However given that you already have a rear extension on the property and you want to add to it, then it may come under the old PD rights but not the one above. As the last chap noted above, this would attract a fee and require a different application. It is all a little confusing and the best advice would be for you to have someone to come round, take a look and then confirm what is and isn't possible.

hope this helps


Answered 18th Sep 2015

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