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Electrical not working the valves etc 2 port and 3 port valve correctly

in brief I have just inherited a heating and hot water system that is pressurised with a kingspan system, the pressure is great but there appears to be an issue with the electrics. The cylinder is fitted with a dual stat. The flow to the cylinder is via a 3 port valve,rads or HW or both, a further 2 port valve is fitted in accordance with manufactures instruction( for safety should the 3 port fail/cylinder stat.) I understand that the 2 and 3 port must work together i.e. open when hot water is called for, closed when not.
I can only get the rads to come on if the HW water is on as well, the rads will not come on if the HW is off.( even when on if the cylinder stat goes off the rads go off.) The system has a gas vaillant ecomax boiler. I understand that the previous system ( usual copper cylinder, tank feed ,worked well with only the 3 port valve, the added 2 port appears to have caused a problem with the electrics.
Your help and guidance is appreciated, or a wiring diagram to assist the electrician when contacted
I reside in the Beccles area of Suffolk.


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Above link will give a wiring schematic for kingspan albion cylinder.


Answered 25th Aug 2015

That sytem would have preferable to have 2 2port valves with the wiring know as an S plan wiring Get your sparks to look at wiring recommended by the manufactures Dave


Answered 25th Aug 2015

Why can't the electrician go online and download a wiring diagram for your particular system?


Answered 24th Aug 2015

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