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How easy is it to soundproof my living room? i have a problem with noise from next door and would like to soundproof the adjoining wall before i decorate if possible.

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Remove any skirting boards,coving,wallpaper etc....

Make sure existing plaster on wall is good & solid.

Fix 12.5mm Gyproc Soundbloc plasterboards onto existing wall with Green Glue.

Details here:

Then skim finish boards.

For best results,you will need 2 tubes for each 8' x 4' board but you could get away with one & a half maybe.
It's not cheap stuff but worth every me,this method will significantly improve your sound-proofing on your wall but please bear in mind that sound can travel through ceilings & floors so may not be 100%.

Not a difficult job to do,you could do it yourself if you fancy it,preferably with an extra pair of hands though as boards are quite heavy.
Visit the green glue website here for 'how to' video & more information.

If you don't fancy it,get a good plasterer near to you off this site to price up to do it.
Hope this helps,



Answered 15th Sep 2011

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