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Cost for upgrading hot water tank


about to purchase a 1970's house.
the survey says:
hot water is provided by the central heating boiler and is then
stored within a cylinder in the loft. The support to the hot water tank is erratic and poor, it is overloading the ceiling joists and should be upgraded and or replaced.

my understanding is that the heating system has been installed in 2007.
how much would any work cost?

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Heating Engineer

An average open vent cylinder of 900mm high x 450mm wide weighs approx. 150kg gross, this is a lot of weight if only supported by the ceiling joists, not surprised there bowing.


Replace for a pre-insulated type (less heat loss) and address the matter of providing additional cylinder support or have a standalone structure constructed to support the weight in the roof void, by a builder or joiner.

A word of caution, if a cylinder ruptures in the loft whilst you are away it will cause water damage to first and ground floor ceilings, carpets and décor, as I have witnessed this in rare but extreme cases!

To avoid this where practically possible fit an un-vented cylinder either indirect or direct to the ground floor (providing there is adequate mains cold water pressure) to minimise water damage.


Answered 18th Aug 2015

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