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Work carried out on garden electrics - do i need a certificate?

A couple of weeks ago, I had some electrical work done in the garden: replacement of two security lights (on existing wiring); addition of a light and light-switch in the shed and replacement of the weatherproof socket box that the pond pump and filter plug into (again, no new wiring required). I know the electrician who carried out the work is NAPIT registered, as I found him through their website in the first place, but he hasn't said anything about providing me with any kind of certificate for the work and I've just read on another string on here that any garden electrical work should also be notified to building control, so now I'm a bit worried that might not have been done. Is the stuff he did maybe not significant enough to need this kind of notification/certification? Thanks.

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Yes you should have been issued with a Minor Electrical Works Certificate and the alterations registered online with building control under part P of the building regulations. Without the certificate and evidence that the job has been notified, potentially the local authority can fine you as the householder up to £5000 for non compliance.


Answered 10th Aug 2015

The current regulations no longer class work in the garden as notifiable to building control unless a new circuit has been added. There are a few other notifiable applications in the garden, see (link:

As far as I can see this work does not require an Electrical Installation Certificate. However, the electrician should have supplied a minor works certificate (certainly for the new light in the shed). I hope this helps.



Answered 10th Aug 2015

Replacement of light fittings or sockets on a like for like basis could be considered maintenance by some, and therefore would not be modifying the circuit and would not require any certificate. However, i believe a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate should be provided for these works, it's just good practice.

Addition of a light and switch is definately modifying the circuit (at least) and would require a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate at a minimum, or an Electrical Installation Certificate if it was a new circuit.

Hope this helps

Brendan Mins


Answered 10th Aug 2015

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