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Average cost of upgrading to rcd fuse box

Hi All,

Purchasing a house in the Bargoed area which has an old style fuse box.

How much is the average cost to replace it with a RCD unit?



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Prices will depend on area by area, but a good consumer unit with dual RCD and loaded with MCBs, allowing for misc. materials will be approx. £100, the whole house must be tested and certified as you have changed the characteristics of the circuit protection, the labour is going to be a days work, therefore approx. £250. Total cost approx. £350 + vat if applicable. This will need certifying to building control under Part P building regulations, either by a competent person or directly through your local building control.

Hope that helps regards Mark


Answered 6th Aug 2015

You CANNOT fit a fuse board in a day if you include initial verification and post testing. Also Earth Bonding GAS and Water with 10mm earth cable. Less than £500 all in and you will have to test on the day which encourages faults on the circuits to be overlooked. £350 is an absolute joke for an electrcian in London. I say £500 minimum in 2019. Should be more for larger freehold properties when the job will span more than a day.


Answered 3rd Jan 2019

Disagree with Dan Dan The Electric Man in that under £350 is a cowboy job. Average price in London is currently around £265 - £290, (as that's what the market will support) this includes an NICEIC Electrical installation certificate and part P notification to building control. £350+ is perhaps a little on the expensive side but maybe that's for a full RCBO option who knows? Of course prices will increase on 1st Jan 2016 when the new regulations come into force due to the higher cost of metal consumer units.


Answered 9th Aug 2015

£350 here anything less is a cowboy job


Answered 7th Aug 2015

Hi, Obviously every electrical installation is unique, but a good average guide price for an Consumer unit upgrade to install a 17th edition split load R.C.D board, upgrade meter tails to 25mm, upgrade earthing conductor and main bonding conductors (if required), and an inspection, test and certification of the existing circuits would be £300-£500.

Hope this helps

Brendan Mines

Mines Electrical Services


Answered 6th Aug 2015

As a Niceic installer i only work towards current & incoming regulations and advise clients only to install 3rd amendment consumer units.
Reason being and a quick tip.....
installers who are not working towards these standards should not be doing work! because say for instance you change your clients consumer unit using 2nd amendment consumer unit all is fine, come 1st January your client may need a new circuit installed, does not want a separate consumer unit so therefore may be advised by an electrician to replace the old/new consumer unit he/she may have purchased 6months earlier. so now unfortunately he/she has to pay double because of incompetencies of the installer to advise



Answered 10th Aug 2015

depending on how many circuits and make of fuse board £200-£500 supplied and installed


Answered 6th Aug 2015

As above average cost depending on area can be around £350-500 for Amendment 3 consumer unit. If you choose to go for a Amendment 2 consumer unit it would be less and there is no requirement if a new circuit was added to upgrade the consumer unit. I would always advise you to go to the latest regs and given that Jan 16 Amendment 3 boards will only be compliant then I would advise that route.


Answered 21st Aug 2015

Be interested to hear what sparkies are saying now.
I cannot see how someone could do board change for £250, even 3 years ago. OK if its a little 6 way board fair enough. But when we talking 10,12 14 ways. No chance. £450.
I know companies charging £650 Inc VAT. DOMESTIC
Getting it all day long. Why because they have impeccable reputation for doing absolutely pristine work.
Highest quality parts and not rushed in any way.
Detailed testing.
I would personally prefer to take slower pace at higher rate and lose a bit of work than run around like headless chicken possibly making mistakes for less.

I like to see myself as more than a fitter.
Car mechanics charge 60-80 ph
Gas fitters sky's the limit
Plumbers 50ph
Hec I know window cleaners coining 500perday


Answered 25th Jul 2020

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