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We have an old gas fire and back boiler. if we want to remove the back boiler and change the fire does the liner have to be removed from the chimney or can it be used for the new fire?

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flue liners have a life span of 15 years!there is not a problem removing the fire and b.b.unit.the flue is the one and only problem,if it is passing anywhere you could go to sleep and never wake up!!!having just done my gas regs yet again this year,there was 5 questions on boilers,35 on gas fires!needs to be done rite.take care.tom clydebank plumbing&heating


Answered 14th Sep 2011

These works will need to be carried out by a gas safe engineer, he will advise on the condition of the flue.
If you are changing to solid fuel, or wood stove, then the flue is different and would need to be changed, this would be done by a Hetas registered installer.


Answered 13th Sep 2011

You require a gas safe engineer and chimney sweep for this job. With regards to the liner I would always recommened that its removed and the chimney inspected to see what condition it is in and if it's suitable for another appliance to be installed
As these are open flued appliances it is always better to check everything as the consequences of getting it wrong can be fatal


Answered 14th Sep 2011

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