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Two storey extension on side of house - glasgow

I live in Glasgow. I am looking to add in ground level another family room which would connect to dining room at rear of house, bathroom and utility room. First floor would be master bedroom on-suite shower, another bedroom and laundry cupboard. Would knock though from original hallway to add on to new hallway to lead on to these new rooms.

Would like to know what size would you recommend we have a large garden space and cost to complete approx.There would be 5 windows needed and a set of large patio doors to the rear off the dining area. 5 radiators and bathroom, on-suite fitted but not supplied.

Any ideas or recommendation would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi Kirsty,

My name is Ian and I also live in Glasgow.
The best way forward is for someone like who who prepares plans and specifications for building warrants and planning permission to visit you at the property and discuss your proposals and the process involved.
The size to certain extent depends on the area of ground you have and this is a Planning matter.
Hope this helps


Answered 4th Aug 2015

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