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Should Megaflow/Unvented Cylinder Hot Water Setting Be On Constant Or On Timer?

Anonymous user 3 August 2015 - 9.12 AM

Which would work better in terms of saving energy? I have heard with megaflow system it should remain on constant but wanted to check if this would be the most efficient and economical or best to just have it on timer morning and evening? There are 5 people at the house with 3 showers

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Imgas services (Scotland)
Rating: 5 out of 555383 reviews

There is no straight forward answer to this. It depends on the hot water useage. The best way to check is to use your electricity meter. Take a reading and run the system for a week on all the time. Take a reading at the end of the week and then for the following week, run it the other way for a week.Take another reading at the end of that week and you should then have a good indicator as to costs.


3 August 2015


MA4 Plumbers
Rating: 4.9 out of 54.9539 reviews
Clapham Junction, London

Personally I will leave it on permanently. It will stop when the temperature reached the set temperature at the cylinder thermostat. The hot water inside should stay hot for a long time, without the need for the boiler (or immersion heater) to fire up. The risk to put the cylinder on timer, would be the lack of hot water, when three or more people take shower one after another. Tiziano


3 August 2015