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Customer refusing to pay after doing work

A bit of a long one but could really do with the advice..
I took a job on here a few weeks back and agreed a price on doing their flooring. I started the job two weeks ago and completed the living room and kitchen which they were happy with and agreed a date to come back to complete the hallway.

The day after completing the hallway I received a message on things that they weren't happy with such as scotia returns as they wanted it cut straight, a few gaps between the scotia and skirting where the skirting wasn't straight, the kitchen plinths had been cut down to fit back in and they were unhappy with the 10mm gap left above it as they didn't want a gap left above it at all (this was done about 2 weeks prior to finishing the hallway).

I prepared the bathroom to be floored after agreeing that if there was enough flooring left to do this but there wasn't enough flooring left so it was my own fault for doing it. However I did agree to pay for the materials as it was my fault and they couldn't afford any more. I also at this point said sorry about any gaps in the beading and explained the kitchen plinths needed to be cut down to get them back in.

So I went back today after purchasing the flooring, I completed that but I received another unhappy text about the mastic around the toilet (it was a bit larger than the usual 10mm expansion gap, about 15mm but still looked very neat), the fact I hadn't replaced all of the plinths (but never agreed to that as you can't see the gaps unless you're on the floor). I tried to explain why the gaps were there. She wanted me to do re do bathroom floor and to pay for all of her plinths to be replaced. She also changed the original price made (£280) when I came around initially saying that I never quoted her that much but I had not given her a written quote so did agree in the end it was my fault, there was only one written quote on mybuilder at £210 plus £30 bathroom. She then owed £100, which she then refused to pay.

I said I was happy with the bathroom and the plinths were fine as the gaps can’t be seen. I then offered to reduce the final price from £100 to £60 to cover the cost of the plinths if she wanted them replaced. However she wanted me to do both jobs or nothing. Sent me pictures of the mastic and plinths saying that I'd destructed her bathroom and kitchen, etc.

Then a few hours later a picture of the mastic with a big scoop out of it saying how can I say this is good, she was reporting me etc. Basically unless I go back and do both for a sake of a few mm for free she will try to take me to court. I think she doesn't have the money to pay me hence all of the problems and trying to get everything for nothing. I've done flooring for years and never had a complaint. What would you do?

I don't want to go back as everything I do there is a problem and I end up losing money but I am not actually doing anything wrong that I am aware of.

Any advice would be great

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Listen mate calm down, as long as the job you've done meets British Standards and is fit for purpose she has to pay you, she won't take you to court as she will have to pay £500 before getting through the door. My advise make sure you have a invoice and get hold of an independent inspector to verify the work has been done to the right standard, if you tell her this and say if it's found your work wasn't up to standard you'll pay if it is and they're being silly they pay, also their reports do stand up in court if it ends up there.


Answered 16th Aug 2015

Whenever you do a job next, take your own pictures, ie before during and after, that way you know that the job looks great, as if it were in your own home.mcs


Answered 20th Sep 2018

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