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Estimate bedroom and en-suite over existing garage


I'm am hoping that someone can help me with a ball park figure, I know a builder needs plans before they can estimate an extension but I was looking for "thats going to be around 40-50K" etc.

So far I have had some quotes that seem really high but as this is my first project I need a sense check.

I am planning to have a bedroom and en-suite built on top of an existing garage, the bedroom will overhang at the front to bring it in line with the house and will be held up by a pillar. The en-suite will overhang at the back, again to bring it in line with the back of the house and will be held up by a wall which will be brought out from the back of the garage. Obviously there will be steel beams running the length of the garage wall to support the first floor.

Extension total length will be 8945, with a width of 2445 (en-suite is 2050 by 2445 within the first set of figures at the back of the development). The roof is pitched and will be merged into the houses existing roof.

As part of answers feedback I live in Berkshire and lets assume for the moment that I wont need to knock the garage down and rebuild it.

If you could give me ball park figures that would be fab.



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Hi Stuart,
you do not state where you live.
each area has its own price /m2 e.g. here in Glasgow the going rate is £1000/m2 for new build and £500 /m2 for conversion.
I am aware that you mention new walls as the main thing for you to consider is whether the existing foundations are capable of taking the additional loading
Hope this helps


Answered 4th Aug 2015

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