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Flooring or skirting boards first?

Hi All,

I have had a house that I bought fully renovated. It ahs been fully re-plastered, which is now dry and has had a mist coat of paint applied. I am at the stage were I am ready to get a floor fitted. I will be having my floor levelled with a latex screed and then vinyl tiles put down (Karndean or Polyflor probably). I am just wondering in what order the floor/skirting needs to be done to get the best finish. Should I have the floor completely fitted? Or the skirting attached and then the screed and flooring done? I have had mixed advice so far....

Thanks for any help.



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screed first then fit floor then fix skirts over for a very neat finish.
dont forget if its a solid subfloor to test for moisture content then dpm as required.


Answered 3rd Aug 2015

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