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Fused switch spur off main

Hi I want to ditch a single socket that's in my bedroom, it's never used and is currently on the ring main, can I change it to a fused switch spur, then run 2.5mm cable from the load to a double socket up the wall so it sits behind TV, if I also want a socket on opposite wall, can the cable be jointed in a 30 amp box, I'm assuming you ant put 2 separate cables in the load side of the fcu many thanks

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Hi Andrew,

You can change the socket to a 13A fused spur and it is possible to run a double socket up the wall for the TV provided it is properly protected. If you wish to use 2 double sockets your best bet will be to come from the fused spur into a junction box (provided it is accessible) or a wago connector block then feed 1 cable to the TV socket and one cable to the other socket. You can actually have as many sockets as you wish from a fused spur as you will only ever be able to draw 13amps.

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Answered 29th Jul 2015

Hi Andrew. Yes you can swap a single socket for a 13amp fused spur, its no problem. It doesn't need to be wired in 2.5mm cable, 1.5mm will suffice as the load is limited to 13 amps.

As for the amount of sockets fed from the spur, BS7671 states "the number of socket-outlets supplied from a fused connection unit is dependent upon the load characteristics, having taken diversity into account."

If it was me, i would prefer to take another cable direct from the new double socket behind the t.v. to feed the socket on the opposite wall, rather than us a junction box.

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Brendan Mines


Answered 29th Jul 2015

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