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We have viewed a 3 bed house that will need refurbished. is it reasonable to ask a builder to quote us for the work so we have an idea how much it will in the long term before we make an offer?

3 bed. 2 bath. Would need double glazing, central heating, electrical re-wire, new kitchen, new bathrooms, re-decorated.

Thanks you for your replies. A local builder has agreed to give us an estimate at this stage. If we are successful with the offer we will then go back and get a more detailed quote and from a couple of other builders too. Thanks again

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The Builder can alway say no, however if they are willing to spend a little time to help you , it would be polite to let them quote on the job if you end up buying the propery, however you should still always get three quotes .
good luck with your house hunting.

Answered 13th Sep 2011

Aspire Building

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In response to your question, I feel it would be reasonable to ask a builder for advice about your project, however, you might find it hard to find a builder willing to commit to giving you a quote for building works in a property you do not yet own. My advice to you would be to seek advice from an architect. I hope this helps.

Answered 13th Sep 2011

Your Build Construction ltd

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We would recommend that you do indeed get quotation(s) for the work prior to making an offer in order that you are fully aware of the extent of the work required and the costs involved. Local, reputable builders will always provide quotations free of charge however without actually viewing the property these quotes would literally be 'finger in the air'. Perhaps another viewing could be arranged with a builder as he would then be able to give you a much more accurate quote. I would think that the vendors couldnt oppose this too much particularly if they want to sell the property!

Answered 13th Sep 2011

A & C Design (Leeds) Ltd

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Yes, Most general builders are happy to offer FREE quotations and they should be happy to offer you in the hope that if you do buy the property they have a reasonable chance to get the work.

Consideration should be used however, for sites like Rated People etc, as the builders have to pay a lead price, which in some cases can be quite high.

Able Right Building and Roofing Contractors Ltd.

Answered 13th Sep 2011

Able Right

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Hi, If your local we would be happy to come have a look at the property and supply an estimate. Feel free to contact us.

Answered 13th Sep 2011


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Most builders would be happy to provide an estimate. To provide an accurate quote the builder would need time to talk through your requirements and a good hour surveying the property.

As an estimate I would value the work at £20-30k for all work including the supply of bathrooms and kitchens. Obviously the spec of boiler, electrical fittings, kitchen, appliances, tiles etc etc will determine material costs.

That cost would be +vat if the builder is vat registered or no vat if it is a small independant builder non vat registered contractor.

If you handle the sourcing, purchase and payment of all materials there would be no extra VAT to pay.

The other factor to take into consideration is area. London and the southeast would probably be atleast an extra 25% (premium prices).

Contact a local builder to the property to reduce their travel costs. Try and use a builder who comes by recommendation. Either via a friend or through this site.

All the best,

John Briner
Briner & sons

Answered 13th Sep 2011

Briner & Sons Ltd

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Hi,difficult to give an accurate price without seeing the property.If you gave the builder the property details and what you are thinking of having done he could give you a ball park figure.With details you have given a figure of £20,000/£25,000 would be a guide for you depending on quality of goods installed...Hope it is of some help..Richard

Answered 14th Sep 2011

coastal ceilings&walls

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There is no harm in asking! Although if you want an actual QUOTE builders would - should have a site meeting. Obviously this would not be possible if you are only viewing. I would say that most builders will only give a very rough extimate as it does not mean you will actually buy the property. The final price would also be affected by your personal preferences for things like the kitchen, bathroom, if new boiler is required, radiators and the style/type of re-decoration etc etc. So a total refurb could be anything!! I would say
minimum £20,000 and upwards. What ever a price of a Quote may be add 10% of that price for contingency - for unexpected things!

Answered 13th Sep 2011

Castile Construction Limited

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Yes it is reasonable to ask for a free estimate even before you purcahse if accsess can be gained for a survey. If you consider on average £250-£300 per room for decor. £2500-2800 per bathroom.
1500 - 4k for kitchens dependant on taste! plus all other factors Insulation roofing etc!
Have at least three surveys done and gain a level of cost, obviously i havnt seen the property but yes do so.

Answered 13th Sep 2011

PB Design & Build

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Answered 13th Sep 2011


Member since 18 May 2010


It is reasonable, but most will charge you a fee to do it. This could be quite expensive if they have to spend hours of their time, putting the quote together when they could be earning money elsewhere.

Answered 14th Sep 2011

Rebel Carpenter

Member since 24 Sep 2008

hi im eddie a local builder from mk.

depending on the speck off the finish you require i would put about 30 thousand aside for the work i would need to have a look before you could get a better quote but i would be looking in around this price and that is everything materials and labour hope this will help you make a right decision eddie

Answered 14th Sep 2011

finish corners

Member since 7 Feb 2010

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