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"electrician" with no credentials wiring extension incl bathroom

Our builder came up with an excuse as to why the electrician never came(he did the same with the plumbing) and one of his builders has wired up the new extension kitchen and 3 bathrooms. The builder has false NICEIC, Fensa and Gas Safe logos on van and contract.
We have ended up with a 240volt 10 cm above shower head 210 cm above tray. There is no overrun on any of the fans. In the kitchen 2 ovens are connected off one junction box fed from a single 6mm? cable off a 20 amp circuit breaker.
There are bare wires in the wall switches.We took a fan down in the bathroom to find it vented directly onto roof membrane.
He contracted a NAPIT electrician to test and certify the work and it has apparently passed.He is using a private company called BS for building control.
Any suggestions on the way forward.
Best ask before we are fried!

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Trading standards and small claims court. Work sounds appallingly bad and not compliant with BS7671:2008. Never heard of a private building control company? its all policed by the local authority so very much doubt this is legal.


Answered 23rd Jul 2015

Do you have the NAPIT certificate? If so, you could contract another electrical firm to come in to inspect / test ( EICR) the completed works. If the findings of the new report you commission contravene BS7671:2008 including amendments, then you will have recourse to go back to the electrician who supposedly signed off the work.

If they don't do anything about the findings, then you can contact NAPIT directly regarding the situation.

This is a clear example as to why home owners should ensure that any electrician you contract is 'Part P' registered. See below website to confirm:-

Private building control companies are perfectly legal, I've worked with them previously. See below:-

Good luck.


Answered 26th Jul 2015


Seems many people are confused here.

First, The job you describe needs an EIC. You can't sign off anyone else's work and issue an EIC as you can't be sure that the installation has been done to regulation. If this is the case you need to report the person who certified on someone else's behalf, as this needs to be stamped out before someone else gets burned/killed

Second, if an EICR has been done, then this does NOT satisfy the legal requirement to have an EIC, mainly because an EICR is purely a snapshot of the electrical system's safety and can not ever be used to certify initial installation as practices employed may not be to regulation. Good for peace of mind but if you try and sell the home a solicitor who knows what he is doing will note the difference and log this as unregulated electrical work.

Private building control is used as it is cheaper but the experiences I have had is that they are not as good as the local council inspectors and I have seen breaches of building regs that have had to be put right at great expense.

The way forward is to contact NAPIT and discuss this with them. They will be able to assist you from this point onwards.


Answered 30th Jul 2015

230V in zone 2 is fine as long as fittings are suited for it.
Over run only required if no window.
20A protection is fine for a 6mm T&E.
2 x domestic cooking appliances are fine run off single circuit as long as within 2mtrs of isolator.
Bare wires should be a concern.
If you have any queries with the electrical side after this you could speak to NAPIT to validate the registration of your certificate (you should have received a compliance certificate from NAPIT within a couple of weeks of registration.
Any other issues you should check out with building control at your local council.


Answered 23rd Jul 2015

Oddly enough i went to look at a new build recently, the customer told me he had a private building control firm/person? All sounded a bit dubious as he wanted me to test and certify and 2nd fix work which he had wired. (Customer) Then told me there was no such thing as an EIC certificate. I politely got the heck out. This job im answering sounds like its been done in similar circumstances. I have NEVER heard of a private building control firm.


Answered 24th Jul 2015

Surely the logos are correct as long as an employee covers the logo then no harm,
If new extension then building inspector from local authority is in charge of inspecting, fans are permissible to be vented into loft space as long as we'll ventilated, being a new extension it must be
Hope this helps


Answered 22nd Jul 2015

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