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No power in house after blown fuse

Hi, I've recently replaced the 5A wire fuse in our old Wylex fuse box, but after replacing and resetting the trip we still don't have any power on any of the circuits. No problem with power supply to house. Is this likely to be a problem with the board itself, or a break in one of the circuits somewhere?

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You have Been replacing the 5amp fusewire... but after resetting the trip? What have you actually got? Fusewire and trips are two different things. I suggest you get a competant electrician in to find out exactly what is going on. Cant possibly talk you through this on here.


Answered 17th Jul 2015

A fault of this nature is very difficult to diagnose over the web and requires some on site investigate and testing by a competent electrician. The description is confusing to say the least as trips are resettable and fuse wire is not. Its unusual to have both on the same fuseboard?

Could possibly be a loose connection, could be burnt wiring, could be ingress of water/dampness, could be vermin damage.... list goes on and only real way to solve is on site testing and diagnosis.


Answered 20th Jul 2015

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