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Have i been overcharged for someone building out the lean to?

I wanted my lean to which was attached to the kitchen (previously would have been the outdoor toilet and was original construction and just the wall diving it and the kitchen was knocked down and it had polycarbonate roof on it).
The lean to was 10 feet long by 3 foot wide at the end it was 10 feet by 6 feet. It was pebble dashed on the outside on one side and brick on the other two sides. I live in London. The price quoted including laying a small patio, repairing the 2 of cills of a two up to down terrace and removing a chimney cowl.
The cost was £12,800 to do this and make the lean to into a square rather than the shape it was. we have no flooring in there, no windows, a polycarbonate roof no extra socket nothing pretty much save the plastering and rendering internally and externally. Additionally one wall approximately 3 foot needed 1/4 rebuilding. None of the underfloor was even cleared before laying new joists and only part of the floor needing building out. They needed to pull down and rebuild one wall and pull the pebble dash cladding off another.
The finished dimensions of the room were the existing 10 feet in length and an increase of 3 feet in width so about 5.6 metres. A gas safe engineer turned up to day to cut of the boiler (they had not fitted the roof so there was not a gap between it and the wall at one of the ends) he basically said the work was not worth 12g and he worked with a builder that would have done the same work for less.
The Gas safe engineer who is also a plumber basically said to get someone in to do a report on the work and tell me what the work is worth. I have more information available and the job breakdown. I live in London.

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It sounds very expensive. your best bet is to consult a quantity surveyour, he will tell you exactely how much it should cost. He/she will probably cost no more than £200


Answered 16th Jul 2015

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