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Bathroom extractor and light on same pull switch

We have a bathroom extractor fan and light on the same pull chord switch, when the light stopped working I thought it was the bulb blown. I changed the bulb for a new update one and it still didn't work. Well I then thought the unit must have broken so I went to screwfix and bought replacement, fitted it and it still doesn't work. Has anyone got any ideas why? Could it be the chord pull switch?

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If both are not working more than likely the pull switch loose connection or needs replacing


Answered 20th Jul 2015

Could very well be the cord or have you done any work in the loft or had any work in the loft such as laying boards installing insulation etc..?

best bet would be to have a electrician to come round as this is considered as a speacil location any works carried out or undertaken will require a certificate.


Answered 15th Jul 2015

Could be a loose connection, could be a broken switch, could be vermin attack/damage to the cables, could be burnt/damaged cable, could be a neutral fault and so on... many possibilities too numerous to list. Circuit needs testing with and insulation resistance and continuity tester to determine type of fault and then traced to the point of fault so a repair can be made. Not a DIY job really.


Answered 15th Jul 2015

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