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Would it be more cost effective to build a cupboard around a gas meter then to move it? and is this legal?

I am moving into a council property and for some stupid reason the previous tenant allowed the gas board to fit the meter in the middle (smack bang middle) of a 5sqm kitchen wall!
Its too high for me to read without trying to put a chair in between the very small space between the cupboards and work tops and its also 30cm away from the cooker.

My two questions are:

1. Is it illegal to box it in using a wall cupboard (as its not very pretty!)
2. Will the gas board move it due to how difficult it would be for me to read it?

I'm not elderly nor am I on any benefits but the gap between the worktops are less than 600mm so trying to get a chair or a step ladder in the space and stand on it would be rather difficult & dangerous.

What are peoples thoughts? All responses will be helpful


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yes you can build a cupboard round the meter as long as everything is accessible including the emergency gas control valve,the gas supplier willcharge you quite a lot to move the meter


Answered 11th Sep 2011

1. Yes you can put it inside a cupboard as long as you have access to Meter.

2. The Gas Board will move it if you wish but they will charge for doing this, usually around £750.00

3. The meter will be read by a Gas Meter Guy that comes round, so not a major point for moving it.

For your information when the Gas Board fits the Meter, they do not consult with owner, they will fit it in the easiest position for them to bring the Gas into the property.

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Answered 11th Sep 2011

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