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How should you glue a tongue and groove floor?

Could you advise where and how much glue should be applied to the tongue and groove pieces? Should it be put on both the tongue and groove before pushing the pieces together? Would too much stain the wood, or could it be easily wiped off if it spills onto the top of the wood when the pieces are pushed together? Should the bottom of the wood pieces be glued?

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Best way to apply pva adhesive is to glue the top edge of the groove.
You should apply a consistent amount to the length of the groove, but not to much or the groove and tongue will not close tightly.
Any excess can be wiped away easily with water and a cloth.


Answered 14th Jul 2015

is this a solid wood floor , if so you dont glue the joints.
if its a wood subfloor you should first ply over with min 6mm ply and then secret nail or if its a concrete floor you should take moisture tests to see how high the rh is then i would liquid dpm just to be safe and then the flooring is fully bonded to the subfloor.
i would also use a high compression screed if the floor is asphalt or uneven.


Answered 14th Jul 2015

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