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Switch for oven and hob

Hi there, we're getting a new kitchen installed and we are replacing our existing built under electric double oven and gas hob with a new electric double oven (4.1 kw/17.8 amp) and an induction hob (7.2kw/31.3 amp). The hob will be sited directly above the oven.

The work is to be carried out by a registered electrician, but our builder is away on holiday for the next couple of weeks and we are currently looking into the various sockets and switches we will need for the kitchen. Light switches and plug sockets are simple enough, but we're unsure what we need to be looking for with respect to the oven and hob. Could anyone please advise as to what we require? Is there a single dp switch that would do the job for both? Or do we require 2 separate switches?? And what Ampage should it/they be?



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Unless otherwise stated by manufacturers as per on site guide 7671 both appliances can be connected to a standard 6mm 32A supply using the standard diversification this allows for two appliances up to 15kw.


Answered 9th Jul 2015

Both appliances can be connected to you existing cooker supply if needed.
(Providing circuit correctly rated.)
No requirement to have 2 switches.


Answered 9th Jul 2015

I would install separate circuits and isolator (DP) switches for both. The hob would need a 20amp circuit and cable and the oven would need a 32amp circuit and cable. Idealy the switches should be above the worktops, away from the appliances. Obviously you would need to make sure your current consumer unit (fuseboard) has spare capacity and either have another, smaller consumer unit added that meets the latest electrical regulations or upgrade your existing one.


Answered 8th Jul 2015

Best to have two switches
Two circuits separate

1x Oven 20amp double pole switch with under worktop oven connection point

1x hob 40 amp double pole switch with direct connection or connection point and heat proof cable to connection point.


Answered 12th Nov 2017

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