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Minor works given for lights installed will my insurance cover me?

I've had a handyman come in to change some lights. He's got 17th edition qualification but nothing else and isn't registered. He's changed some lights in my hotel and given minor works but I'm a bit concerned now as another electrician has said my work won't be covered by insurance because he isn't registered even though the cert is legitimate. My question is will insurance cover me if I showed them the minor works cert ?

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Hi there.

This is scare mongering. You do not need to be registered to do a like for like replacement of a light fitting. Some basic checks should be carried out to ensure that the fitting is safe to install. The minor works should confirm that this was the case and you should keep hold of this.


Answered 1st Jul 2015

One wonders where he obtained the certificates from if he is unregistered? Maybe he made then up on his computer and printed them out?


Answered 2nd Jul 2015

You could download and print off certs off the IET website. I do mine off an app on my phone. Not sure i would trust someone with just 17th edition and nothing else though. When i took my 17th there were plumbers etc taking next time would go down the registered persons route. Only my opinion though.


Answered 3rd Jul 2015


Registration on a competency scheme is for domestic installations only. Your hotel is a commercial premises so outside of the legal requirements of using a Part P registered electrician. The other electrician you had visit doesn't know what he is talking about.

In any case, altering an existing circuit requires a minor works cert which he may have done.

However, it always makes sense to use an approved contractor for commercial works, the ECA or NICEIC websites allow you to search for one


Answered 8th Jul 2015

Electrical certificates incl. Minors are not academics type "This is to certify that ......", one has to fill up with actual reading and thats only possible if a person is qualified to carry out Testing and Inspection. 17th edition qualification does not mean the person in question can do Testing and Inspection also.


Answered 23rd Jul 2015

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