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Can you advise on the criteria required before the start of tenancy? 1 bed flat (scotland)

I am just about to start to rent out my 1 bed flat and I have been advised I need all appliances PAT tested, an Electrical Installation Condition Report, a hardwired smoke alarm in the lounge and hallway and also a heat detector in the kitchen. I can understand the PAT testing and EICR but 2 smoke alarms and a heat detectors seems excessive for a 1 bed flat. Is this the case?

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Hi, the IET recommends that all rental properties be fully electrically inspected at least every 5 years or upon change if tenancy, this is a non-statutory recommendation but widely accepted as the best way to ensure compliance...
As of October 2015 it will be mandatory for for all rented properties to have fire detection on every floor. It is best to have smoke detectors in communal areas bedrooms and hallways, heat and carbon monoxide detectors in the kitchen. Carbon monoxide detectors will be mandatory in any room using solid fuels or with a boiler (other high rusk situations say exist) As far as I am aware there is no requirement for these detectors to be hard wired so long as battery operated ones are regularly maintained (6 month intervals) even hard wired ones should be checked/serviced annually.
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Answered 30th Jun 2015

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