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What is best block paving or pattern imprinted concrete?

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Printed concrete by far if done by a professional I lay it at least 5 inches think so less likely to crack it does not sink or spread , and we put rhino grip in so it's not slippery , reseal every 3 years . Job done


Answered 2nd May 2014

Block paving is the best of the two , imprinted concrete cracks and fades in time, as it is not reinforced in any way , so how can a piece of thin concrete the size of a drive not crack ? In America it is done in small sections with joints for movement , here we seen to ignore this . I have seen a lot of these drives cracked . They have little grip in the winter so are difficult in the ice & snow .
Block paving is flexable, and yes, it will need cleaning but is much stronger in the long run ,---- if done correctly , plus it can be lifted and relayed if need be.


Answered 10th Sep 2011

Everyone may well have a different opinion on this one.Both will have moss grow on in damp conditions although probably less so on the concrete however:

1) On the one hand you are less likely to have weeds grow through concrete,however if it cracks repair can be unsightly and costly.

2) The good thing with blocks is that as long as the base is firm and well compacted if any movement does ocur you can easily lift and adjust the blocks or replace a patch.Also aslong as the base is layed with a plant membrane you shouldn't get any weeds grow through.

Hope this Helps
D.S.Lewis General Building


Answered 10th Sep 2011

block paving but not concrete blocks.....clay as clay is a natural product and will out live all of us. anything concrete deteriorates over time and is not maintenance free. if the concrete blocks or concrete print is sealed every year then it will last a hell of a lot longer but that becomes expensive over time. clay block paving wins hands down on all counts. it is double sided usually so you can simply turn them over if oil stained or chipped whereas concrete blocks are 1 sided and concrete print would need to be cut out and re done and will never match again. clay, clay clay!!!


Answered 13th Sep 2011

Block paving has to be the best it offers more traction in the wet /winter is more versatile you can repair or change sections and if you fill joints with silver sand the weed problem can be kept to a minimum,
although jet washing seems to mess it up.


Answered 11th Sep 2011

block paving


Answered 10th Sep 2011

Block paving


Answered 14th Sep 2011

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