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Worcester 29tdi combi boiler. high bar cut off?

When I refill my combi using the blue refill lever it will not go above 1.1 bar. There is no filling noise after 1.1 bar. Is there some kind of safety cut off? I know 1.1 bar is a good level but I'm wondering why it will not go above that, maybe a safety feature that I don't know of?

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Hi you can only put in what the water pressure is. the water com pany by law only need to give you min 1 bar pressure although I would presume its higher then this So check with water company what they pressure is don't forget its fluctuates during the 24 hours.If pressure from water company exceeds 1.1 bar then there may be a small blockage in pipework to the pressure gauge but as you say its meets the require pressure to operate the boiler


Answered 26th Jun 2015

May be faulty pressure gauge.


Answered 29th Jun 2015

water pressure isn't that high this time of year as everyone has hose pipes on ,try it early morning or late a night


Answered 14th Jul 2015

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