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Neighbours metal post sitting on our boundary fence line

Anonymous user 24 June 2015 - 12.19 AM

Hi everyone, I really need your help. We moved into our house 2 years ago and are now wishing to replace the old fencing and posts with new panels and posts. We own this boundary. However the neighbour has a metal post installed deep on our boundary line. This metal post was there before we moved in and is used by the neighbour to hold a shade sail up. Can I ask my neighbour to move the metal post slightly into his garden so that it is not sitting on the boundary line? This will allow me to install full length fence panels. If he doesn't want to move it what rights do I have to get it repositioned/removed from the boundary line? For the long term I wish to install full sized fence panels and not have to cut any of them them to fit in with the metal post.

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Walthamstow, London

Hi Bono, You would have to check the deeds for your property, however if your neighbours post is within your boundary which should be outlined in your deeds you should have the right to have the post removed. I would recommend a friendly chat with your neighbour to see if they could move the post onto their land as it would be causing an obstruction on your property. Being neighbourly they should understand, especially as you are planning to have a fence erected. Hope this info helps! Best, Dean


26 June 2015



Anonymous user

I would ask nicely im sure if there reasonable they should comply as it is your boundary but if they wont allow u to do this the best thing to do is pop to the local council department and they will advice you on what to do good luck


27 June 2015