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Draught marks around skirting


I have a dark line around my skirting board and as I will be changing my carpet I would like to get this sorted before the new carpet is laid. A have a few questions about the process:
1) I need to seal the gap between the skirting board and the floorboard with flexible mastic, which mastic brand would you recommend? I am wondering if I should take the skirting board of and tape the gap between wall and floor instead because mastic and shrink and come away.
2) I need to tape all joints in the floorboards. What tape would you suggest I use? Could I use the same tape to joins in the underlay?
3) I then need to lay an interliner. Which interliner would you recommend? And would a carpet fitter supply and lay this?

Lastly, would I need to do this in the room that I plan to lay laminate flooring? The room is on the 1st floor.

Thank you for your help!

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You are best to remove the skirting boards to check the condition of the plaster board behind the skirtings as there may be large gaps, If you have brick walls you might be best to leave the skirtings on as part of the brick behind the skirtings might crumble.
Instead of using mastic you should use expanding foam, filling any gaps under skirtings or holes you may have.

As for the gaps in the floor boards you will be best just to cover the floor with lining paper (interliner) as filling the floor board gaps won't work.
I would lay the lining paper on the length of the room then again across the way on the width, that would make the dust harder to come through.

Another option is you could sheet the floor with plywood (9mm is best) that would fully cover the gaps in the floor boards and make the floor more level for the installation of your laminate.

I hope this helps

Barry P Ferguson
Owner BPF contracts


Answered 29th Jul 2015

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