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Rebuild of shared garden wall

We have a shared garen wall approx 6ft tall and 6ft Long. It is not fixed to the house and wobbles when leant upon! We have asked our neighbour who rents out his property if we can replace the wall. He is reluctant (although friendly) as he doesn't want to upset his current tenants. I am thinking of proposing to cover the costs of replacing this wall myself as may tempt him to let us do the work either now or between tenancies! What I am wondering is approx how long would it take to build such a wall with correct footings and approx how much would it cost? There is decking on 1 side of the wall.

Our plan is that we will knock the wall down ourselves and use as hardcore for our conservatory!

many thanks

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hi there is the wall half a brick thick if so this maybe the problem it should be a brick thick 9inch as its an independent wall the cost of building the new wall and putting the footing down would estimatle many thanks mr quigleyy be about £500 if your interested please contact me to discuss further


Answered 10th Sep 2011

A good bricklayer would be able to rebuild your wall in one day.You may be able to use the exsisting foundation,if not you are looking at one more day for a new foundation.If your wall is a single skin you will need 200 bricks or a double skin 400 bricks. The cost for a single skin £160 plus labour,£300 if a double skin plus labour.But this is the cost if you don't need a new foundation.I hope you find this imformation useful.


Answered 10th Sep 2011

without looking at the work involved it would be foolish to try and estimate an accurate timescale, a competantant bricklayer going by what you've said will take approx 2- 5 days with new footings ( and it sounds like you will need new footings), it's the problems that arise from every individual job such as access, neighbouring boundaries, sourcing of materials, weather etc which all account for total time to complete, and as you already state your neighbour is reluctant. Before making any decision, i would clarify with your neighbour that they are happy for the works to go ahead and explain that it would be necessary to have access to their garden. If you tell them it's likely to be no longer than two weeks and disruption and mess will be kept to a minimum I don't see why they should have a problem as you are willing to foot the bill. There is also the important question of safety.


Answered 14th Sep 2011

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