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Power out to a shed

Hi all. I have currently got an external ip rated box which is feeding a double outside socket. Am going to bury swa from this box up to a shed newly built. Inside the shed i will be putting two double sockets, one internal light with switch and an external light, also another external double socket so i don't have to trail an extension lead all the way up the garden. Inside the shed im hoping to run two servers and a chest freezer. I'm getting an electrician in before work starts and then once happy i will do the leg work and get him to wire all connections up as in aware thus is notifiable work.
just so i know what price im looking at as in going to supply the materials i wanted to know of this set up is acceptable. Firstly is a gland kit the only way to ho with regards to putting the swa into the existing ip rated box. Is 20a rcd protected mcb in fuseboard ok with what ill be running. Can i clip the swa to the bottom of a sturdy fence or do i need to bury it all the way ( lots of tree roots) what size swa will i need, can i take the swa into the shed and have it termed off into a knock out box or DP switch or do i need a garage enclosure? Can i then run the 1.5mm twin and earth cable for the light and the 2.5mm fir the sockets by clipping them directly to the inside of the shed and should i make sure i get a 3a fused switch to use as the light switch. Also as i want the external light to be on possibly a sensor should i run a spur from the sockets and feed the light off this? Sorry for all the questions its just money is tight and the cheapest but safest is best and although i don't believe the electrician will rip me off i just want to know this is a possible way of doing it as well as possibly keeping costs down. May many thanks to everyone who replies.

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Why not hand the whole lot over to a competant electrician who will know what you require get the correct materials, notify to BC and give you a certificate. With all due respect how do you know what you are buying etc etc. if you have to come on my builder to ask all these questions why not just post a job on here.


Answered 23rd Jun 2015

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