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Structural calculations - who is responsible for the accurate measurement?

Hi All,

I am in the midst of removing 1 load bearing wall (lounge/dining) and one potentially non-load bearing wall that goes from ground floor all the way up to the first floor (dining/kitchen). My house is a typical 3 bed 1930s semi-detached.

I commissioned a structural engineer and he recommended a picture/box frame solution for the lounge/dining wall and a RSJ beam for the dining/kitchen wall tied to the box frame.

It seems like a fair recommendation although I have to shell out more money for the box frame. However, my query is with regards to the measurements and drawings. I assume the measurements provided by the structural engineer should be accurate so that I can forward it to the steel fabricators. But it seems that he said the onus is on the builders to measure it again. Being OCD about my first property, I made took my own measurements. The steel posts of the frame is too long and the beam for dining/kitchen wall is too short.

Question is, who is ultimately responsible for these calculations?

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calculations for the load bearing is down to the structural engineer,
while most structural engineers drawings are accurate their are a few lets say who work or a different scale to the rest of the world.
that is why it is always worth while double checking everything.
as the owner of the property unfortunately the buck stops at you for ordering the correct sizes/ lengths,

good luck Alex


Answered 17th Jun 2015

Dimensions for fabrication should always be confirmed on site by the contractor.


Answered 22nd Mar 2017

Structural engineers measurements very often is not exact . Exact measurements, typically, taken by contractor after some demolition ( investigative) and if size is different by lot , then structural engineer should be informed ( usually, it’s not the case).


Answered 14th Jun 2019


The measurements on the structural drawings are not accurate (hence you never scale from these drawings). The contractor is responsible for taking the right measurements and sending them out for fabrication.

I hope that helps.


Answered 14th Jun 2019

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