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Legal size of extractor fan

Is there a legal size for a cooker extractor fan. Our neighbours have one which sounds like a jumbo jet and that I could fit 3 of my extractor in. Because it is so powerful the smell of their cooking comes into our house so much that I have to shut all doors and window. I there also a legal requirement of distance to the the next property.

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As an architectural designer it is common practice to direct the installation of cooker vents/extractors away from neighbouring properties; where this is not possible extraction must be vented through the roof space, if your neighbour is unwilling to reposition their extractor down wind of your propoerty there isnt much you can do.

Some kind of cowell fitted to the extractor may help to reduce unwanted odours other than that maybe just gaffa tape over their fan?!? teehee :D

Rob Mc


Answered 9th Sep 2015

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