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Is it safe to plug a boiler in an extension cable?

I moved into a social housing property a week ago. It has recently been refurbished but for some strange reason no one though of adding any power sockets in the boiler room. When the plumber came to connect everything he told me to plug it into an extension cable. I have been told that this is very dangerous as they can overheat quickly. The only place I can plug the extension in is my children's bedroom and, besides the fact that it is a trip hazard and there is not much space on the landing with the boiler room door open, it worries me a lot.
Thanks for any answers in advance.

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Hi there.

You are right to be concerned. The extension lead not only is a trip hazard but if overloaded can become a fire hazard. If your boiler is a standard combi boiler there should be a 3amp fuse inside the plug you have plugged in. The persons incharge of the social housing unit have a duty of care for their tenants and if this is bought to there attention then they will have to employ a suitably qualified electrician to come and install an appropriate Switch Fuse Connection unit next to the boiler and connect the boiler directly through this. This unit will have a 3 amp fuse fitted inside. Now this can be run off its own circuit from the mains board or can be spured off a local socket providing that circuit is sufficient to cope with the added 3amp load.
I hope this helps.
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Answered 16th Jun 2015

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Answered 28th Jun 2015

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