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Electrical fuse box

I have a fuse box with MCB circuit breakers but need to change the fuses to RCB's is it a conversion i.e. new fuses or do I need to have the complete box replaced? Box is a crabtree starbreaker. model 380030
thank you

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Hello Brian
The Crabtree Starbreaker Distribution Board 380030 would probably be a split load board with an RCCB this is the equivalent of a Residual Current device RCD and should have a yellow test button on the front? it will also state the rating Possibly 80 Amp 30mA this covers Earth Leakage and Miniature Circuit Breakers MCB's these cover any over current
If this Fuse Box as you call it is working alright you probably do not need to change it at all.
If on the other hand you need individual RCBOs a Residual Current Breaker with Overload protection (both an RCD and MCB in one unit)
you will need a complete new Distribution Board
hope this helps


Answered 8th Sep 2011

All circuits needs to be protected by either RCD or RCCB.
If your consumer unit(fusebox) hasn't got that -it is a square device with either
yellow or green test button,and you have a spare 2 ways,then this could be
added,instead of changing the whole consumer unit.
This will be less expensive than changing the MCBs with RCBOs.


Answered 26th Sep 2011

Yes, crabtree RCBO's can be fitted in place of your existing MCB's quite easily


Answered 26th Nov 2011

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