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Will i save any money if i project manage the extension myself?

Dear all,
We are planing to build an extension. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to project manage the building and hire the required trade mans to do the jobs?
Its a kitchen extenstion 3.5 m x 5 m.
If anyone could give me little guidance where to start and what to follow, I would really appreciate it please.

I think I need to hire following people;
To dig the foundation, (digger, I think).
Window fitter
Roofing person
Install water heated flooring

Look forward for any feedback, thank you in advance.
Kind Regards

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Hello there, we are a groundworks company that do extensions and new build up to floor level, over the past 2 years we have done and helped clients we there self build projects, on most extensions say 30m2 the clients have saved up to 30% on the over all cost from start to finish, with groundworks which is the bit most builders don't like involves the moving of drains and breaking out existing concrete founds/structures, this is where we find a lot of our work from, we stick to what we are good at, (GROUNDWORK ) we have a reputable trade list that we pass on to the client which they know are good tradesmen
When you ask a builder to give you a quote ask him to break is price down into each individual trade, then go and get a price from individual trades you will be pleasantly surprised
Regards Peter


Answered 25th Jun 2015

I was a Project Manager for a Building Company for 13 years, and would offer you the following advice.

Firstly, you should get prices for both options, the first been to employ a general building contractor who will complete the process start to finish, dealing with the relevant trades and the Building inpsector etc. The second option would be yourselves managing the process, and employing each trade directly, either on a labour only or a labour and materials basis.

I would not expect a great difference in costs, and you should consider the risks involved in managing it yourselfs.

To give a example of risk, picture the following scenario;

You employ a groundworker to pour the foundations and put the drainage / slab in. All the work appears fine and you pay his bill. Then you employ the bricklayer, he turns up on site after he has quoted you, when he starts work he finds the footing is not level and he has to cut bricks / blocks to get the first course level, he would not have priced for this and would therefore come back to yourselves for costs.

Just a simple example of the issues you may encounter.

Another big risk for yourselves would be making sure that every bit of work was covered in the trade packages, it would be very easy for items to get missed and you get caught out by suprice costs, an example again below;

You get a quote off the bricklayer to complete the masonry, and you get a quote off a joiner to complete the roof structure, both prices are in budget, great. You employ the bricklayer and he completes the masonry and does a good job, so you pay his bill, then you ask the joiner to start on site, the joiner arrives and says 'the wall plate hasnt been bedded on and strapped down, so I cant start the roof until thats sorted'. You call the bricklayer back, he says 'You only asked for a price for the walls building, if you wanted the wall plate bedding on it should have been onsite and cut / lapped by the joiner ready for me to bed on'.

So you are left in the middle, and both men may well be right, it just wasnt picked up that no one had it covered in there trade package, and therefore you hadnt got it in your budget.

Hope that helps, but in conclusion, if you project manage yourselves, do your homework and have a contingency for the issues that arise.



Answered 22nd Jun 2015

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