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I just have a query in regards 'building lines'. In this plan:

I have added a new house I want to build on my plot after knocking garage and added the new boundaries that will exist. My original house is number 19 and the new one 19A.

My query is in regards the need to follow the building line of houses A and B. If you look at houses C and D they dont have the exact same line on the other corner and surely it is more important that both 19 and 19A are on the same building line? I provide also a view from outside houses A and B facing my corner plot:
Front view of line:
Will I have planning issues assuming amenity and parking space is covered?


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I would advise making a pre-application enquiry with the Local Planning Authority. I have had a similar issue as an architect when I extended a house across what was deemed to to be the building line (it was a corner plot). we were told planning would not be granted for this reason. The client went ahead with the application, expecting to go to appeal.

The planning permission was in fact granted without the need to go to appeal.


Answered 16th Jul 2015

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