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Is it a good idea to convert my oridinary hotwater boiler to a combi boiler?

Will it give me some extra room for storage if I take out the cold water tank as well as the hot water tank ot of the cupboard and have a combi in the garage?
How much would it cost me?
Will it also give my house a higher water pressure for better kind of water taps?

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Answered 9th Sep 2011

i. would recommend a combi everytime..
As for the cost that depends on who you get and were you live. THe best thing to do is advertise the job on this site and local companys will get in touch and give you fair quotes and any advise you need.
If you live anywere near south yorkshire give me a call my number is on my profile.
Regards Ian


Answered 10th Sep 2011

In my opinion a combi boiler is not always the best solution. It depends on the size of property, number of bathrooms incoming water pressure and flow. (you can't get out what you havnt got going in)
They are great in the right circumstances. it won't always give you a better shower than you have at the moment.

It will give you more space

Their are some other options to increase water at the taps like putting an unvented cylinder in the garage with a system boiler which would still get rid of your tanks, or on the much cheaper side fitting an whole house or shower booster pump

Get some people around to quote as this won't cost you anything and they should carry out a pressure and flow test on your water main. This will show you what kind of performance you might expect and the best system for your property

Kind regards



Answered 14th Oct 2011

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