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Remove a 600mm wide wall on a wardrobe in a bedroom?


I had look at a ground floor (3 storey) flat today which requires a side of a wardrobe wall removed.

It is floor to ceiling made out of brick.
All walls are solid (cement 70's 80's)
Single skim brickwork.
No electric or plumbing attached.


Will removing this small wall on a wardrobe be structurally safe or hold any loads from the flat above?

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Its sounds like its structual call a structual engineer for advice


Answered 10th Sep 2011

I would not attempt this yourself. Get a builder to remove part of the ceiling. This will allow inspection to see if the wall is supporting or not. If supporting you will need a structural engineer to do a survey. In addition the local authority will need to be involved regards building regulations. If the wall is not supporting it is an easier job. Even though, I would still contact the landlord or freeholder to discuss and get a structural engineer or architect to have a look. Its not worth the risk!


Answered 18th Nov 2011

If possible look at the flat above , if the same wall is in place then chance are it is structural, and continues on up to the roof level, if not you may able to remove as long as it not supporting floor joists !
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Answered 29th Sep 2011

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