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Price i should expect to pay for gas central heating?

Hi I live in a 2 bedroom ground floor flat, with gas. The heating is supplied by electric storage heaters. I would like to install gas central heating with a combi boiler, and 4 radiators. I'd like the storage heaters and old boiler removed too. How much as a rough basic figure am I looking at for supply, fit, removal (plus vat and labour). How many days would it take?
Cheers all

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It would depend on make of boiler, location of flue,gas pipework run ect so it's hard to give a accurate quote , my advice to you is to get a local gas safe engineer to visit to survey the job and give you a qoute. I would charge no more than £2400. If your from the West Midlands contact me and I'll come and take a look. Regards, Day Heating


Answered 10th Jun 2015

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