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Our manhole will be in our neigbours consevatory

hi our private drain runs through the house behind we have to rod is at least 2 times a year we have had it lined our new neighbours behind us are building a conservatory our manhole will be inside the planning and building regs and seventrent water say it is a civil mater because it is a private drain.the current owner says it not on there deeds for us to have right of access we need to prove it ,our house is 1880 we bought it the land behind was sold separately. three month later we had sewerage in our garden discovered our drain was in the land behind we paid for collapsed drain and had them lined by dynorod but still having blockages 18 years later ,over the years no problem rodding them only had to ask for access finding this very stressful any advise would be helpful

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The access right thing I can't answer.
I do know that in the last 12 months ownership for repairs and blockages to shared pipes running in your and your neighbours garden are the responsibility of your water provider to sort.
Check it out as there should really be no need to clear obstructions or collapsed drains on your neighbours land as long as it is a shared drain that empties in a public sewer.
It's down to whomever you pay your water rates to.


Answered 5th Jun 2015

If you have had rights of passage for the last 20 years then this will remain

your neighbours deeds will also state that they have to allow any passage of any services already in situ

good luck funny things them neighbours


Answered 8th Jun 2015

The drainage once it leaves your property is no longer your responsibility, it would now be classed as a public sewer and the responsibility of the local water authority. As far as I am aware local water authority's will not allow building over a public sewer. Your local water authority can inform you of their own requirement/regulations.


Answered 8th Jun 2015

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