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What kind of damp has black spots

I have had several different opinions as to the type of damp in my kitchen. It looks like green mould with black bits and i have been told that it is rising damp, then its penatrive damp and finaly its condensation how do i know what it is?

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Ask a surveyor.
If you have an extractor hood above your cooker that is properly vented to outside and use it when you do the spuds etc then you are unlikely to have condensation through cooking which is the most common cause of black mould throughout a house the next is unvented bathrooms ie no extract or one that is not used. Cure is proper heating and ventilation.

If you have an outside wall next to your kitchen is anything bridging the damp proof course of the wall if there is one ie Soil, Rubble, Patio, Decking etc this can cause penetrating damp as can overflowing gutters or badly built walls. Cure is clear/remove or fix cause.

Rising damp this could be no damp proofing membrain or its damaged you need a professional to assess the cause and treat it.
They all let in or allow water to form within the structure this promotes mould this is a growing organism and can look the same or similar in all cases hence the confusion.
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Answered 10th Sep 2011


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Any of the above could cause this problem. The black and green stuff you see is mould which will grow anywhere there is a prolonged damp patch. Rising damp will occur up to 1.5m from the ground level so if it's any higher than that you can discount that as the sole cause. If it's penetrating damp there should be a reasonably obvious potential for this which you could see from outside, i.e. a leaking downpipe or window frame etc.

The only way of finding out for sure is to call an expert in who can eliminate the various possibilities and hopefully give you a definitive answer. Sometimes it's obvious but often it requires a bit of detective work and a process of elimination.

Answered 10th Sep 2011

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