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Consumer unit in shower room?

I'd be very grateful for any advice on the following: I was looking to convert the rear of my integral garage (a space of 8'wide7'long) into a shower room/toilet. On the rear of the garage wall/near to ceiling is a consumer unit which the builder says could be boxed in, however when I have further investigated, the general consensus seems to be against having a consumer unit in a shower room. As the shower room would not be my main bathroom I would be happy to compromise on space and instead of having one shower room have a smaller shower room (7'x5') and a 7'x3' storage room (which would be useful). Each having seperate entrances and seperated by a stud wall, the consumer unit being above the doorway in the storage room. Would this be a safer option?

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all electrical eqipment has to be suitable for the location and as stated consumer units should not be in a bathroom or shower room or any such special location the average cost of moving a consumer unit is between £250-£400 but u also have to consider is the electric meter in the same location to with the incoming fuse as this would be a more costly exercise to move as this has to be done buy network services and could run into £1000's depending on where it has to be relocated to


Answered 31st May 2015

Under Part P approved document,electrical safety in Dwellings,by Building Regulation 2010,is not safely what do you want to do;A simple box is not safe, for protecting a consumer unit, the special areas mentioned in the previous document part P; Doesn`t matter,if it is a bathroom with shower, or a simple shower cabin; The rule is rule for everything; My advice is to call an licensed and experienced electrician, and together with you and your builder,to find a solution, where to move the consumer unit and electric metter; The primarily solution effect is to be safety for you and your family, and secondly, budgetary efficiency for you; regard


Answered 1st Jun 2015

Your consumer unit should be nowhere near a shower room. Get an Electrician in to advise you the builder saying boxing it in is totally wrong, you are not allowed to have a wall switch in a bathroom/shower room let alone a consumer unit!


Answered 29th May 2015

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