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Does sash window draught proofing need to be done by a fensa firm?

I need to have my 4 year old sash windows draught-proofed in order for building control to sign off on the original window installation. Do I need a FENSA registered company to do this or is it ok to use a handyman firm that advertises this type of work? There seems to be a big cost difference between these two options which makes me think that a handyman service may not be doing a proper job.

Update: thanks for your advice. I'll look for a handyman on MyBuilder in that case.

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If your not changing or altering your windows, the answer is no.
If your using some one familiar to sash windows they will be doing a proper job.


Answered 1st Mar 2011

you don't need a FENSA registered company to do so unless you have your windows completely restoration new (box and sashes).
replace new sashes to existing box frames are not required FENSA.


Answered 11th Mar 2011

like the previous answer, fensa only come in to play if you are putting in new windows, or changing them . a fensa registed company will charge the earth just because they registed to fensa best bet go with a good hanyman or someone who comes reommended i hope this helps kind regards Anthonys home improvements


Answered 1st Mar 2011

all ways use a proffesional tradesman - A highly skilled carpetenter will knowlege of sash windows would be better than an handy man ..FENSA not required for exiting upgrade


Answered 2nd Mar 2011

get a chippy in to do the job chippy


Answered 3rd Mar 2011

Not sure I agree with some of the above. The advantage of a FENSA firm is you can be more secure they will do the job to a certain standard and also there is accountability if not. How can you be sure a handyman or other is as good or has the experience he says he has? I'm sure we would not be that much different to handyman quotes.


Answered 15th Mar 2011

It is not the case that a FENSA registered installer will charge the earth, but you may get one try to get you to change your windows when it is not necessary. Unfortunately there are still window companies that employ self employed salesmen that are like this! The very best thing to do is to find a company that can do the work, FENSA or not and ask to speak to somebode that they have already done the same type of work for, spoeak to them and satisfy yourself that they can do the job!


Answered 26th Mar 2011

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