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What certificate should i get with a new consumer board unit please

i originally asked for a safety test and new cert for consumer board.
electrician says he only did enough testing to give me a DEI cert states :
recommend DEC report, is this not a safty cert ;- which i asked for in 1st place.?
He is a competant person.from NICEIC
ALSO : he has not signed the certificate DEI cert= should it be?
it was emailed to me with invoice

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No such thing as DEI? do you mean and EICR?

If he's changed the consumer unit then a full three page NICEIC Electrical Installation Certificate should have been issued with 6 year warranty and also the work notified to local building control under part P of the building regulations. So you should also get/have a building control certificate sent via post as well.


Answered 8th May 2015

As above


Answered 9th May 2015

The electrical installation condition report is the safety test you require which is essentially a snapshot of the current state of your electrical system within your home, it will list anything dangerous, urgent needs doing and anything not up to current regs. If you've had the consumer unit changed then you would require an electrical installation certificate and the local authority would need notifying for Part P. A condition report is not to be used for a consumer unit change.
Hope this helps


Answered 16th May 2015

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