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Re-starting boiler after drain with only 1 out of 5 no. rad

I have had all but 1 out of 5 No. radiators removed due to plastering works. I have a closed gas condensation boiler in a flat. I have had to drain the system. I only need to use the boiler for hot water. I'm going to place blank capnuts over the open radiator pipes, re-fill the system and bleed it. Can I safely restart the system with 1 No. radiator and just use it for hot water.

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Yes you can. It will ok to do this.


Answered 11th May 2015

Yes you are safe to do this, as long as the pressure gauge is reading within the manufacturers guide and all air has been bled it will work safely with just the one radiator connected. I would advise you to turn off the heating timer and turn down the thermostat as depending on the boiler you have it may only be able to modulate down to around 6kw which is too much for a single radiator and could cause the boiler to overheat and lock out. hope this helps. joe


Answered 25th May 2015

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