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There is a damp patch around the extractor fan which has been fitted in the shower room. what do i need to do to fix this?

Had a loft conversion done last year in 2009. The shower room is at the top of the house in the conversion.

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i know this is a little after posting,but if the vent pipe going from the fan to the outside exit isn't insulated it will condensate,as it carries away warm air from the shower.The pipe passes through a cold roof area,warms when in use,condensation runs down the outside of the pipe and comes through the ceiling around the fan.Insulation wrapped round the pipe should cure the problem.


Answered 1st Apr 2011

Possibly if vent has been fitted through slate or tile due to high winds may be felt over cut and water pentrating through


Answered 2nd Mar 2011

I agree wirh both answers above.
But i have a few questions..
1)Is the Damp patch consistant?
2)Is it appearing/getting bigger when it rains?
3)Is it appearing/getting bigger when u shower?

If its 1:Then there's a pipe
2:Then its both answers above..
3:Then it may be just the vent pipe from vent to Tile/Slate may be fitted incorrectly...


Answered 2nd Mar 2011

I might be wrong but to me it sounds like there is a leak coming from the roof where the extractor fan exits. I would get somebody to check the flashing/vent on the roof.


Answered 2nd Mar 2011

you should contact builders who carried out work they will have more knowledge of what has been done , and if a faulton there behalf a quik fix may be in order free of charge .

good luck


Answered 2nd Mar 2011

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